Trio Fado · Portuguese Fado

Trio Fado · Portuguese Fado

If you are looking for the musical expression of the Portuguese within ethnic music, you’ll find the Fado: an urban and emotional music, rich in melancholy and longing. Trio Fado plays this music with big devotion, leading the audience to old Lisbon, which becomes experienceable through their songs.

The musicians of Trio Fado connect Berlin in which they live, with Portugal, their common native country. With her yearning voice Maria Carvalho literally dives into the profound songs of the Fado. António de Brito cantillates the male version of the Fado with strong and smoky temperament. Daniel Pircher, an Austrian who went to school in Portugal, generates the absolutely essential sound of the Fado on his twelve string Guitarra Portuguesa, gently flattering around the voice. With his cello arrangements the „fourth trio member“ Benjamin Walbrodt gives to the Fado evening a classical quality.

The Trio Fado interprets famous Fados of different epochs with their own arrangements. In their compositions and texts the group preserves the old form of the Fados and intensifies them by the influence of the musical experiences of the musicians. The variety of the instrumentation and the lyrical appeal of the lyrics enrich the earthy, original form of the Fados.

At first, Trio Fado was playing in Portuguese restaurants, but soon one could see them on Berlin’s stages, such as House of the Cultures of the World, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Passionskirche and the Academy of Arts.

Radio Multikulti became aware of Trio Fado and their important contribution in spreading the Portuguese music in Germany. For several times, in live programs, the group and their music had been introduced to the listeners.

In 2002, António de Brito and Maria Carvalho won the 2nd and 3rd prices in a Fado competition in Germany.

In the same year RTP-Internacional (portuguese Television for Europe) recorded a concert of Trio Fado, which had been broadcasted in the European countries.

In 2005 the first CD of Trio Fado – „Com que voz“ was released.

The first performance abroad was in Armenia were Trio Fado gave five concerts and live appearances on Yerevan’s television and Radio.

In February 2006 Trio Fado was on Tour in 22 cities in Germany.

In 2006, in April Trio Fado was committed to play during an exposition in the National Gallery in Berlin. Later in June, Trio Fado went to Italy for a five days festival of World Music and played alongside international artists.

In October 2006 they were one of the finalists, chosen from 109 groups, at the World Music award „Creole“ in Berlin.

TRIO FADO | Portuguese Fado (Portugal, Berlin)

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Stadtsaal Neuötting
Potsdam – Theaterschiff
Euskirchen – COMEDIA
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Amphitheater & Strandbar Mitte im Monbijoupark
Ufa Fabrik
Tertianum Residenz Berlin
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Teehaus im Englischen Garten
Falkensee – Bürgerverein Finkenkrug e.V
Poland – Slubice /Collegium Polonicum
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Düsseldorf – Bistro im Tanzhaus NRW
Erkelenz – Haus Hohenbusch
Osnabrück – Festival Musica Viva – Atelier Trieb
Oldenburg – Theater Laboratorium
Sommerach – Villa Sommerach
Vasenthien – Kunststation Vasenthien
Lüneburg – Kulturforum Lüneburg
Austria- Wien / Sargfabrik,- Linz /Brucknerhaus
Russia/ Khabarovsk / Ufa / Ekaterinburg – philharmonic hall


Berlin UFA – fabrik
Botanischer Garten
Werkstatt der Kulturen
Philharmonie – Kammermusiksaal
Teehaus im Englischen Garten
Hamburg – Ernst Barlach Haus / Jenisch Park
Luxemburg – Cube 521
Überlingen – Augustinum
Swizzerland- Burgdorf/Bern / Sommernachtsträume – Luzern / Ilge-Saal in Ettiswil – Siselen / Restaurant Bären / Arbon – Kulturcinema
Austria-Tulln / Landesgartenschau
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Sachsen – Kulturinsel Einsiedel Zentendorf – 14th Folklorum Festival
Berlin / Skulpturengarten
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Krems-Stein (Niederösterreich) – Haus der Regionen/ Kultur Europa
Wien/ (Österreich) – Sargfabrik
Berlin / Ufa- Fabrik
Wuppertal – ADA-Café
Neunötting – Stadtssaal Neuötting, „Gitarren Tage“
Berlin – Passionskirche am Marheinekeplatz


22 concerts in Nordrhein-Westfalen (February)
Al Globe – Potsdam
Teehaus / Englischer Garten – Berlin
Alten Bahnhofshalle – Berlin
Centro Português – Braunschweig
Werkstatt der Kulturen – Berlin
Masala Festival – Hannover
Burg Waldeck Festival
Kulturamt – Geilenkirchen
Kunstmuseum – Wolfsburg
Kino Bali – Berlin
Villa Sommerach – Sommerach/Franken
Centro Português – Paderborn
Bürgerhaus Weserterrassen – Bremen
Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin – Exhibition „Melancholia“
Festival „la Ghironda“ in south Italy
one of the finalists at the World Music award „Creole“ in Berlin
Teehaus im Englischen Garten
Künstler Haus – Wendland
Völker Ball – the Radio multikulti-Party
Armenia – 5 concerts + TV- and Radio gigs
Lange Nacht der Museen – Ibero-amerikanisches Institut Berlin
Werkstatt der Kulturen – Berlin (March)
Künstler Haus Dannenberg / Wendland
TV appearance – RTP Internacional
Musica Vitale – 6th world wide music award


Lange Nacht der Museen – Heimatmuseum Neuköln
Schaubühne – Berlin
Werkstatt der Kulturen – Berlin (April and November)


Fado award in Germany (2nd price)
Kulturwerkstatt – Paderborn
Haus der Kulturen der Welt – Radio Multikulti (Rbb)
Werkstatt der Kulturen – Berlin (March, November)
Passionskirche – Berlin


Hochschule der Kunst (HDK – Berlin)
Jazzkeller Dresden
Werkstatt der Kulturen – Berlin

1999 – 2001

performance in Portuguese restaurants in Berlin

press articles

„Maria Carvalho fascinates with her Style to sing the Fado. She takes away the sadness and radiates a peculiar ease with her tender and at the next moment strong voice … always full feeling for what she sings.“ Rheinische Post, Silvia Ruf-Stanley, Kempten, 2006

„Vivid, erotic and entirely inartificial … Top Class of their guild … Audience was fascinated“ Norbert Göbbel, Westdeutsche Zeitung, 2006

„Trio Fado aroused enthusiasm … five encores and never ending applause speak for itself“ Westfälische Nachrichten, 2006

„… a great concert … the musical poetry of the group overwhelmed the audience … beside of standing ovation also shouting and cheering … Trio Fado was more than persuasive.“ Thomas Schmitz, Ahlener Zeitung, 2006

„… Passion of Release … the visitors experienced an inspiring Fado evening … from the very first measure everybody was completely captivated by Maria Carvalhos dark and warm voice full of longing – furthermore she had extraordinary intensive backing by Trio Fado …“ Westfälischer Anzeiger, 2006

„… frenetic applause and bravo!-calls …“ Oder-Spree Journal, MOZ 2007, Waltraut Tuchen

„… literally pulled the guests out of their chairs …“ Cuxhaven Kurier – Februar 2008

„… De Brito turned out to be an excellent singer … A class of his own was Daniel Pircher on the Portuguese guitar.“ Luzerner Zeitung , 2008 von Pirmin Bossart

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