Orientation · Oriental Soul

Orientation · Oriental Soul

Orientations groundbreaking Nu-Oriental Sound, „an explosive and brilliant blend of Orient and Occident.“ (Morgenpost) bestow them Soundtracks for the movies „Head On“ „Kebab Connection“ or „Süperseks“ and brought them on tour with Turkish pop icon Tarkan or RnBesk shooting star Muhabbet. They enjoy downright cult status in turkey.

Orientation blends soulful funky beats together with desperately longing “arabesque” music (the Turkish definition of “the Blues”). Orientation creates melodies with a reminiscence to Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Turkey, interpreting it with new urban spirit. Orientation calls it “Oriental Soul”.

On speciality of Orientation is he Turkish wedding Rhythm, a 9/8, which sounds new and maybe even “odd” for the Western ear. But Orientation manages to create Reggae and funky vibes in a 9/8 that reinvent those styles and gives them a completely fresh flavour!

Orientation has earned its reputation and fame in countless concerts all over Europe. They have toured with Tarkan and the new Superstar Muhabbet. They represented Germany and their home town Berlin at the EXPO 2000 and in Hong Kong. In 2009 Orientation won the famous “Creole” award for Berlin and became finalist for Germany.

Orientation has contributed their music for various Soundtracks (e.g. Fatih Akin) and both feature films and documentaries as well as TV-sequels. Orientation has been featured on numerous compilations, such as Oriental Garden, Obsession Lounge, Play Up, Tokyo Lounge, Klassik Lounge Night Flight, From East to West just to name a few.

Orientation live is fun and a playful happiness. It is new and surprising arrangements. Orientation live is dance and joy. Orientation does not know nationalities and physical borders. They simply play great music. Voilá!

Orientation & BERLIN-ANTAKYA DUET (combined or optional)

Berlin-Antakya Duet is the immediate and intuitive Duo of Bekir and Advocado that reflects their feelings about live without any subsequent editing. They wanted to be purely honest and sincere, about themselves, their souls, their music. The result is an essential still life of Bekir and Advocado. They are moving, from violin to ney, from ney to piano, from piano to voice. The music sometimes sounds sad and desperate, sometimes wild and free, sometimes relaxed and contemplative. It is what it is: spontaneous, unique, unplugged and unrepeatable.

The Album: Orientation.biz

Orientation ´s album Orientation.biz truly marks a liberation coup. It is a farewell and a new beginning, a revolution in evolution. With Orientation.biz Bekir Karaoglan and Andreas Advocado, producers and authors for so many different artists (Muhabbet, Killa Hakan, Sultana, Waldemar Bastos, Astrid Suryanto etc.), prove that they do not only reinvent music over and over again, but that they are also able to simply write great pop songs.

Whereas the first two Orientation – longplayers („Bosporus Bridge“, „9 in Istanbul, 8 in Berlin“) had a melancholic and sophisticated approach, Bekir and Advocado now show their naturally happy side. They can play it easy thanks to their friends, Enno Kuck on drums, Babek Akhoondi on the guitar and Serdar Dagdelen on Kanun. With this new setup Orientation has found its natural sound after so many years of soulsearching. “We let go and gained new momentum.“ Says Bekir: „It simply frees your soul!“

The 10 new songs of Orientation come as a bundle. There are no pauses, no instrumentals, no interludes or gap fillers. Instead – and this is a good tradition of real pop music – one hit after the other. “We wanted SONGS, the simplier the better. We wanted to prove that in also pop music there is only one common ground: good or bad. That´s all.“

ORIENTATION | Nu-Oriental (Turkey, Iran, Berlin)

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Festivals (choice)
CREOLE (Finalist Bundeswettbewerb)
Addis Abeba (Addis Glow)
LabFest Stuttgart
Museumsuferfest Frankfurt
Myfest Berlin
Morgenlandfestival Osnabrück
Filmfestival Cottbus
Bergmannstraßenfest, Berlin
Expo 2000 (Hannover, live broadcast at public TV ZDF)
„Berlin – Hong Kong“, Hong Kong (with Aziza A)
Fete de la Musique, Budapest

Clubs (choice)

Paradiso, Amsterdam
Malkasten, Düsseldorf
Das Bett, Frankfurt a.M.
Quasimodo, Berlin
DotClub, Berlin
Central Station, Darmstadt
Bahnhof (Wuppertal)
E-Werk Köln (with Muhabbet)
Alte Fabrik, Hamburg

press articles

„Orientation changes without the slightest effort between the musical tradition of the Orient and western pop grooves.“ Zitty (Berlin)

„The first real homogenous mixture of oriental and occidental music Made in Berlin“ Tagesspiegel (Berlin)

„The line-Up of Orientation is as extraordinary as their music: it blends funk with soul, hip-hop with Oriental Sounds.“ Berliner Kurier

„The band Orientation demonstrates how these turkish-german musicians use the multicultural infrastructure provided by the city of Berlin. With their mixture of Jazz, Arabesk and Clubbeats this band can easily perform at World Music festivals as well as in Jazz clubs, in Turkish bars as well as on the stages of big arenas.“ Berliner Zeitung

„indeed these musicians perform the bitter-sweet turkish traditional melodies together with Jazz and Club vibes. A remarkable performance!“ Tip (Berlin)

„…a grooving Band by the – telling – name of Orientation, who inspired and galvanised the audience.“ Spiegel-online

„…those who love soulful, funky Grooves and also what people call World Music MUST listen to Orientation and shall not miss one of their rare performances…“ Numblog.de

„Orientation.Biz offers the kind of music that only can be created in a city like Berlin and only within a true and heartful joint venture of turkish and german musicians.“ Salaazy.org

„…some of their songs used the traditional 9/8 rhythm and turned it into Reggae and Funk. What a unique and new mixture…“ Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

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