Los Negros Soundsystem · Latin & Afrobeat, Roots

Los Negros Soundsystem features highly coveted Cuban trumpet player Daniel Allen Oberto and Colombian DJ Hebert Asprilla (aka DJ Bongo), one of the masterminds of Berlins iconic Latin nights “La Regla”. Their exciting acoustic adventure combines traditional Afro-Cuban Folk & Roots music with modern urban-electronic elements, while at the same time preserving the origins and the power of each component.

Regardless if it’s Hip Hop, Afrobeat or Latin House, Los Negros always find the right timing, as well as the ideal way to tell a creative musical story that is fresh and colorful. A story to be listened and danced to, without any prejudice or limitation of any sort – simply from a different perspective.

Los Negros Soundsystem presents an enticing mix of precise Rhythm base, provided by the vinyl, enriched with Daniel’s skills when it comes to improvise virtuously. Now they contribute their ample experience and their individual passion for music to this project in order to indulge their audience.


Premierenfeiern Staatsschauspielhaus / Dresden
SZ Neujahrstreffen / Stuttgart
IAA Messe Hannover und Frankfurt/Main
ELBRESIDENZ / Bad Schandau
Premierenfeier Festspielhaus / Hellerau
Boogaloo / Chemnitz
Marlboro Club USA / Parkhotel Dresden und Voxxx Chemnitz
Brazilian Beats, Blauen Salon / Dresden
Kasablanca / Jena
Fila Brazilia, Conne Island / Leipzig
Blue Note / Gera
Bandauftritt mit tumba-ito im CLUB ROJO / Havanna
Beizenfestivals / St. Gallen und Luzern
Clubauftritt in Lentas / Kreta
CLUB ROJO / Havanna
Beizenfestivals / St. Gallen, Luzern
Lentas / Kreta

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