LARSITO · Urbeato - deutscher Pop mit karibischen Einflüssen_credit Alejandro_Gonzales

Larsito • Urbeato – German Pop with Caribbean influences

Larsito unites the soul of South America in the form of Caribbean and Latino-Music with urban German Pop music.
 He names his style „Urbeato“. Together with six professional musicians with Caribbean origin, ex “Culcha Candela” singer Larsito takes you to a musical journey in an extra special way. From percussions, trumpet and saxophone over to classical drums and keys, the sound adventure invites the audience directly to join in!

Near the notorious Pallaseum in Berlin Schöneberg, Larsito was born in the 80´s as a son of a German mother and a Colombian musician. The streets are filled with Hip Hop music, breakdance recently hits Germany from the States and Michael Jackson is the biggest Star of the World.

At the same time, the 2-years-old Larsito made his first contact with Afro-Caribbean rhythms through his father. Starting to play the Percussion as a little boy he finally has his first stage experience at the age of six. After performing an outstanding drum roll it was more than obvious: He´ll become a percussionist!

In 2001 Larsitos´ passion for rhythms and beats brings him together with a group of guys from Berlin, who recently founded a new band. He joined them and their band ´Culcha Candela´ started to enter the German music scene. Over the next 10 years they became rapidly famous and are now part of the German pop musical history. Larsito, who was initially hired as a percussionist, created a lot of choruses and melodies for their music and through that he discovered his passion for writing songs.

Despite of the huge success of Culcha Candela, Larsitos´ love for playing the percussions and his affection for Caribbean rhythms leads him to the idea of making his first solo album.

As a result of a two month trip to Columbia and Cuba in 2013, on which he worked together with the best musicians, the album „Etwas bleibt“ evolved. It unites the sounds of the Caribbean and South America with the German language and therefore it is a tribute to Larsitos roots.

Band / Crew
Larsito, background, drums, keys, 2x percussions, bass, driver, FOH, monitor
small crew: Larsito, drums, keys, driver, FOH

LARSITO · Urbeato - deutscher Pop mit karibischen Einflüssen_credit Tico Angulo

Press Cuts
„… an unusual album with a mixed bag of summer mood, melancholy and catchy melodies.”
(Westline. Andrej Sokolow, dpa July 2014 )

„… superb sound … together they danced the night away.”
(Regioactive. Erik Winkes, Sept. 2014)

„The result sounds deliberately different from Culcha Candela´s HipHop and reggae influenced sound” (Kulturnews, June 2014 )

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WM Wohnzimmer (HPB) • NDR2 Kieler Woche (Live) • NDR2 Festival Warnemünde (Live) • SR Unser Ding Hallberg Open Air (Live) • Hitradio Stars for free Festival Chemnitz (HPB) • Hitradio Stars for free Festival Berlin (HPB) • Kinderfestival Hannover (Live) • RSH Kindertag (HPB) • SWR3 New Pop Festival (Live)

Einsplus Interview • ZDF MOMA Performance (Live) • ZDF Fernsehgarten Performance (VPB) • MDR Sommer bei uns Performance (VPB) • SR Unser Ding Hallberg Open Air Performance (Live) + Interview • NDR2 Festival Warnemünde Performance (Live) + Interview • MDR Zärtlichkeiten im Performance (unplugged)+ Interview • SWR3 New Pop Festival Performance (Live) + Interview • Sky Hertha vs Hannover Interview


label release
09/05/14 first Single “Unter Diesen Wolken”• 23/05/14 Album Etwas Bleibt• 29/08/14 second Single “Magnet”• 02/01/15 “Tai Chi In Havanna” (MPN)

gold record (with Culcha Candela)
Germany – 2009: for the Single „Monsta“ • 2011: for the Single „Berlin City Girl“ • 2011: for the Album „Das Beste“ • 2012: for the Album „Flatrate“ • 2012: for the Single „Von Allein“
Austria – 2012: for the Single „Von Allein“
Switzerland – 2010: for the Album „Schöne neue Welt“ • 2011: for the Single „Schöne neue Welt“

platinum record (with Culcha Candela)
Germany – 2008: for the Single „Hamma“ • 2010: for the Album „Schöne neue Welt“ • 2011: for the Album „Culcha Candela“
Switzerland – 2010: for the Single „Monsta“

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