Cross Culture Music Berlin
There is a reason why the giants of the music industry, along with renowned and talented musicians are moving to the city on the Spree. Internationally influenced musical pioneers, DJs, live musicians and club acts, 3rd generation immigrants and cultures from world’s apart meet here. They live and work together, and it is here that they create the greatest stylistic musical variety in Europe. In 1999, out of the middle of this living network, Cross Culture Music was formed, and has provided the medium for promoters and artists to take part in these evolutionary developments.

International Language of Music
The music scene’s innovators always try to be right on the pulse of musical life, and are thus open to international traditions, as well as contemporary grooves, modern techniques and other art forms. They are oriented around the process, as opposed to trying to fit a formula. In this way there is a constant mixing and mingling in the music business. Particularly those differences that Berlin brings to bear allow for musical and personal exchange through which something exciting and new is constantly being created.

Setting trends
More and more people are enjoying the sweet seduction of exotic instruments and strange new melodies. Once interest for the extensive musicality of other cultures is awakened, the unleashed crossing with more familiar styles is pursued with all the more fervor. This trend is actually not a new development, but rather a process already thousands of years old that only now is unfolding with new rapidity, and is also reflected by popular opinion in the Top 40 charts. Thanks to the immediate availability of information on the internet and through the media, a noticeable multicultural consciousness is developing.

Cross Culture Music
We represent and book professional multicultural projects who themselves actively promote cultural exchange. We offer the artists an organizational structure of consultation, promotion, information, providing for gigs, and for both studio and multimedia production. Artists benefit from the abilities and personal connections of other artists, and are all represented on our internet platform, which has become an important access portal for intercultural musicians in Berlin.

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