Fanfara Kalashnikov - balkan speed brass in Wacken

Fanfara Kalashnikov · Balkan Speed Brass

Fanfara Kalashnikov, originally from the region of Moldau in North East Romania, is a famous extravaganza of brass music. Since they were children the musicians have been playing at family and village celebrations, including weddings, birthdays and naming ceremonies.

Fanfara Kalashnikov learned from the cradle to play an extraordinary mixture of speed brass in the Balkan-Oriental Style, with strong jazz and funk influences.

Fanfara Kalashnikov plays klezmer, bossa, polka, waltz, flamenco and even mambo in the Balkan style. Their music is an extremely modern interpretation of centuries-old music traditions; however as most of the band members are under 30 years old, their sound reflects not only the Romani nomad culture, but also a variety of fresh and quirky influences.

Since early 2007, this collection of enthusiastic, exceptional musicians has been constantly delighting audiences in concerts, festivals and private events outside of Romania, blowing upon horns, trumpets and a tuba and delighting audiences at sweat-inducing tempos of well over 200 beats per minute.

Fanfara Kalashnikov goes pop!

Fanfara Kalashnikov - balkan speed brass Bellevue

The ensemble appeared as a horde of brass playing vampires in the video “Frauen und Männer“ by Berlin punk combo Panda, they jammed with Mono & Nikitaman and Rupa & The April Fishes, worked with Beats Antique, sound artist Arto Lindsay and New York ska legend Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers), blew the wedding march for Balkan R’n’B queen Miss Platnum, and performed in the supporting program for Germany’s number one dancehall act, Seeed.

Recently the youngest of all Brass Balkan Orchestras played a bombastic cover version of the 2Raumwohnung-single „Wir werden sehen“.

One of the most energetic, surprising and exciting contemporary music projects from Eastern Europe is currently developing some of the hottest, freshest, and wildest brass sounds ever heard. Who wouldn’t dance on the tables to these rhythms?

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Zakopane – Highland Folk Festival • Fusion Festival • Osnabrück – Maiwoche • Stuttgart – Sommerfestival der Kulturen • Wacken – Wacken Open Air • Ludwigsfelde – Brückenfest • Radebeul – Weinfest • Bielefeld – Weltnacht Festival • Hamburg – Festival der Kulturen • Rottweil – Erich-Hauser-Stiftung • Grudziadz – City May Holiday • Braunschweig – Wilde Töne Festival • Kostrzyn – Przystanek Woodstock • Meldorf – Frequenzen Festival • Gronau – Jazzfest • Dranouter – Folkfestival • Jena – Festival de Colores • Regensburg – Bürgerfest • Augsburg – Festival der Kulturen – Lubin – Art Festival • Krotoszyn – Folk Festival

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Berlin – Marathon, Pop d’Europe, Berlinale, Schering AG, ALBA, Museen Dahlem, Essen – RWE, Kassel – Documenta , Mülheim – WDR Funkhaus Europa, Fichtwald – Schloss Stechau, Heidelberg – Johannes-Brahms-Saal

Fanfara Kalashnikov - balkan speed brass Burg

press articles
„The funkiest brass band I’ve ever seen.“ (Ecki Hüdepohl, It’s M.E.)
„An absolute godsend!“ (Sabine Kulau, Festival of Cultures Hamburg)
„Our biggest catch of the year!“ (Jürgen Wippich, Street Parade Celle)
„Infectious – Speed Polka and Jazz in its entire naturalness and virtuosity.“ (Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine)
„An earthquake!“ (Sebastian Maliszewski, Warsaw)
„The Punk music of the Balkans.“ (Lausitzer Rundschau)
„Full of energy and spirit.“ (Die Graue Eminenz, Vienna)
„Fiery, melancholy, sensual and sensitive…“ (Feminissima)
„Pure zest for life.“ (Gerd Harthus – Jazz, Folk & Bike)
„Sparkling joy!“ (Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung)
„Ultra-hot Jazz-Polkas.“ (Christian Gampert, Deutschlandfunk)
„The power of this music is astonishing.“ (dickesB)
„In addition to the feast for the ears, the two dancers were a treat for the eyes.“ (Ibbenbürener Volkszeitung)
„The unique, sensational Balkan Gypsy Bellybutton Brass Band Dance Revue!“ (Pop d’Europe)
„Together with Miss Platnum, they shape Balkan Pop.“ (wow-europe)
„This music saves lives!“ (Paula, Haltestelle Woodstock 2009)
„The most fabulous party of the year!“ (Nursel, Hamburg)
„Fuckin good energy!“ (Guts, Ibiza)
„The best fanfara ever!“ (Pierdiego, Bergamo)
„One has to have seen it…!“ (Nicolai Tomás, Poems for Laila)

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