DJ Shazam · Ethnodelic Live, Dub, Big Beat & Breakbeat

DJ Shazam · Ethnodelic Live, Dub, Big Beat & Breakbeat

DJ Shazam! is taking his audiences on a unique aural trip: … from ancient Indian temples thru African villages and Brazilian Jungle to the Oriental desert, only to find himself surrounded by one cosmopolitan soundsystem alongside MCs and live musicians, celebrating an urban global Drum´n´Breaks party. Stimulating the understanding among nations and tribes – melodic, blissful, modern and with an infectious groove.

His DJ sets span a range from Asian Breakbeat and NeoArabic Clubfusions through Bollywood Funk, ethnic DubReggae and Afrobeat right down to Brazilian DrumNbass and Balkanbrass Dancehall.

Shazam gave his psychedelic/oriental lines to a list of bands as a bass player before starting an Asian Underground Party series as DJ in early 1998. Although liking Clubgrooves a lot, he found the musical contents within lots of these productions cold and meaningless, so he started adding unusual, ”soulful” samples to the club beats.

Heavily inspired by Hindustani Music he founded the group Chandra Pulse in 1999 along with Japanese musicians Aki Ueda (Sitar) and Yuji Tei (Tabla).This „Indian Fusion„ thing could be witnessed as electronic and/or acoustic outfit and was welcomed by the Berlin audiences like rain in the desert.

From 2000-2002 he laid the foundation for new musical heights with the band Culture Clash, incorporating Live Musicians, MCs, a scratch DJ and programming. Besides playing Bass, Shazam was responsible for sample research. The band labeled their style as Ethnodelic Breakbeatz – a global-creative chaos in a club suit.

He also started producing own Tracks with spices selected carefully from around the globe, collaborating with New York electronic musician Adam Chalk (Doc Chalker), British Asian MC Sufferah, Oud Player David Beck from Gnawa Impulse and Japanese Tomoki Ikeda, the last two of these being the core of the new (yet another) cosmopolitan live outfit Nomad SoundSystem.

The Band (with Shazam on Turntables) is musically at home with Oriental Breakz, far-eastern TripHop and Indian Dub. A big new hope for the German scene, the group never fails to rock and please their audiences.

Shazam is a club DJ with years of experience and still ever searching for innovation. He is at home on the main Floor as well in a lounge situation, always generating a unique vibe.

DJ SHAZAM! | Ethnodelic Breakbeatz

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1998-1999 Resident DJ at the Lizard Lounge (21st Century Beatz) – weekly
1999-2000 Resident at Roter Salon / Volksbühne
(Asian Underground) – monthly
2000 Resident in ICON Club (Culture Clash) – monthly
2001-2002 Resident at DELI an der Schillingbrücke (Asian Delight) – monthly
2002-2003 Resident in SO36 (Urban Karma Club) – monthly
2002-2004 Resident Fire Club (Ethnodelic Breakbeatz) – monthly
2003 Sommer Residency Open Air Oststrand / Eastsidegallery – weelky
2004 Resident Instant Karma party series /changing locations – monthly
2004 Sommer Residency Open Air Sandsation Beach – weekly

selected events 2000:

Karneval Der Kulturen – Parade / Berlin – Soundsystem Truck DJ Set (with Lelonek & Equal I from Anokha)
Dramatic DJ Set for Dance Theatre performance Not as Yet / K 77 Berlin
Freiburg / Jos Fritz Club – DJ Set Mango Jungle Style
Indian Vibes Frankfurt/M DJ Set with DJ Petra Klaus and MC Massiw le Ghaza
Maria am Ostbahnhof / Berlin DJ Set
Rostock MS Stubnitz DJ & Live Akustik Set (Chandra Pulse)
Bastard Club Berlin DJ & Live Set (with Culture Clash & Chandra Pulse)
Hirschfestspiele Schloss Bröllin Live (Chandra Pulse) & DJ Set

Selected events 2001:

Helping Hands (benefit party for victims of the earthquake in Gujarati / India) DELI Club / Berlin
Rostock MS Stubnitz DJ & Live Set (with Culture Clash)
Pfefferberg / Berlin DJ Support for Natacha Atlas
Karneval der Kulturen Strassenfest Live Akustik Set (with Chandra Pulse)
Karneval der Kulturen Strassenfest DJ/Live Jam with MCs and DJ Minsky
Fusion Festival (with Culture Clash)
Asien Pazifik Wochen Opening Party BKA Luftschloss Berlin (with Osmani Soundz from Anokha)
Asien Pazifik Wochen Closing Party Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin DJ Set with MC & Tabla
Lange Nacht der Clubs Kesselhaus Berlin DJ & Live Set (with Culture Clash)

Selected events 2002:

Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg /Sounds of Taj Mahal / Ambassador Network DJ Set with MCs
Hamburg Hafenstasse Open Air (Fire Bus Tour) DJ Set (with DJ DBA from Anokha)
Dramatic DJ Set for Dance Theatre performance @ Altes Schwimmbad / Metten
Tricky Tunes @ Deli / Berlin DJ Set with MCs (with DJs Tricky D & Coost Lardy Cake)
Pfefferberg / Berlin DJ Support for Badmarsh & Shri
Karneval der Kulturen Strassenfest DJ Set Afro Stage
GlowballRoom Party Hildesheim (with DJ DBA)
Pop d´Europe Festival Trompete Berlin (Susheela Raman) DJ Set
Bollywood Music Night /Pfefferberg Haus 13 /Berlin DJ Set with MC Sufferah
Global Riddims Festival Kalkscheune Berlin / Live (Culture Clash) & DJ Set

Selected events 2003:

RAW Temple Berlin – Cantina Mundial DJ Set & Live Jam (with Pushkin Boombeat)
Bollywood Film Launch Party : Kabhi Kushi Khabi Gham – Kurven Star/ Berlin
Hamburg / Fabrik DJ Set
Tränenpalast Berlin – Monsoon Electro (with MIDIval Punditz)
Unique Club / Düsseldorf DJ Set
Harmonization Festival / Tilburg / Netherlands DJ Set & Live Jam (with Masala Soundsystem)
Kesselhaus Berlin (Planet Fruit / RBB Radio Eins) DJ Set
Projekt 42/ Mönchengladbach DJ & Live Set (with UMA)
Heimatklänge Festival Potsdamer Platz Berlin (Musafir) DJ Set
Rostock MS Stubnitz DJ Set with MC & Percussion
Oxymoron Berlin (Club Deewane) DJ Set
Fotografisches Museum Frankfurt/M (Lange Nacht der Museen) DJ Set
Unity Club / Frankfurt DJ Set (with Indian Vibes DJs)
Red Cat Club Mainz (Delhi Delight) DJ Set
HAU/ Hebbel am Ufer Grand Opening (with MC Don Pushkin)
Sandsations -sand sculptures Festival Berlin DJ Set

Selected events 2004:

Die Pumpe / Kiel Live & DJ Set (with Nomad Soundsystem)
Club Barbes / Göteborg / Sweden Live & DJ Set (with Nomad Soundsystem)
Club 23 Kulturbrauerei Berlin (Instant Karma) DJ Set live Jam with MC Chalker
Pfefferberg Haus 13 Berlin (Mundomix) DJ Set (with DJ Grace Kelly)
Remise Berlin (Instant Karma) DJ Set / Live Jam (with Didges Brew)
Kesselhaus/Kulturbrauerei – DJ Set, Support für Clotaire K.
Camp Tipsy DJ Set
Karneval der Kulturen – Parade DJ/Live Jam with Didges Brew & Nomad Soundsystem
Impuls Festival Dornbirn/Austria Support for Bapi Das Baul & Senses (with Nomad Soundsystem)
Heimatklänge Festival Potsdamer Platz Berlin DJ Set
Bauhaus / Dessau Fest der Farben DJ Set (with DJs Minsky, Ipek & Nomad Soundsystem)
WOMEX Essen – DJ Set Showcase (with MC Chalker / MC Sufferah / Marc Miethe)
Francophonie Festival Berlin – Support for Rachid Taha (with Nomad Soundsystem)
MIRA Club / Greifswald DJ Set (with MC Chalker)
Transvokale Festival – Frankfurt/Oder (with Nomad Soundsystem)
Taucher Club Berlin – Tellal (Kulturmagazin) Party – DJ Set
Yeni Melik / Istanbul -Turkey (with Rebel Moves / Nomad Soundsystem)

selected Events 2005:

Paradiso Amsterdam – Netherlands Labyrint Party – DJ Set (with Transglobal Underground)
Mudd Club Berlin- Globalista! Party DJ Set & Live Set with Nomad Soundsystem
Pfefferbank Berlin La Otra Party – DJ Set
MS Stubnitz/Rostock (with Nomad Soundsystem)
Lange Nacht der Clubs – Piranha & Yaam @ Hoppetosse DJ Set with MC Don Pushkin

press articles

“ the Party engine couldn’t run any smoother! …hard to say which musical style benefits more from this living cell therapy: could drum n bass be elevated out of stagnation in darkness through sitar sounds or were those ancient Tabla Rhythms being contemporized by computer beats? The Party was great anyway.” Nils Michaelis /Zitty

„Highly tasteful club music wrapped with style by an expert DJ“ OXMOX Hamburg

„No question, there’s a lot of groove in there, an open invitation to dancing. Then there is this playful sitar melody. Your foot starts tapping, your legs sway to the beat and within seconds the floor is filled with people. Shazam smiles with content. He didn’t need even ten minutes to get the raving crowd away from their drinks. Now they are dancing to these wicked Tabla beats and unheard sounds“ Michael Prellberg/ Berliner Morgenpost

(Urban Karma Club is) „A not to be missed asian – plus night held by resident DJ Shazam, containing great visuals & a very cool live feature. Awesome Party !“ Gaurav Malhotra / new york, Asianvibrations

„An ear-opening experience, almost like astral travelling, because your body stays on the Dancefloor all the time … easy, but within deepness“ taz Berlin

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