Didgeridoo-Workshops with Marc Miethe

learning Didgeridoo with Marc Miethe

„Rhythms from all over the world .. Berlin Break beats.. Jazz scat-vocals .. Beat-Box ..bass grooves .. mouth percussion .. on the oldest wind instrument of the world !“

My Didgeridoo workshops are made up for beginners, advanced and the very advanced! Explore the widely-scattered possibilities from the simple wooden-tube and it’s qualities as a mouth percussion – Instrument. With a lot of humour and a wide range of exercises, sounds and rhythms we will develop the first clear and powerful basic drone to varied sounds, the unspectacular circular breathing to sly rhythms and very percussive styles. For the experienced players, performing on stage or also teaching, I have a lot of tips and continually fresh grooves.

As a trained body-psycho therapist I want to share my knowledge with you about the way that I and many of my students attained a more powerful, precise, faster, more varied and at the same time considerably more relaxed way of playing. Lets find out why „the body in the real instrument“, how diaphragm support, the embouchure at the mouthpiece and a proper modulation and compression of the air might help you. To translate playing onto paper, I use a notation which matches as exactly as possible what I’m actually doing with my tongue, for example.

GIFT VOUCHER possible for all my didgeridoo classes, lessons. Playment in advance.

INSTRUMENTS Please bring your own. In case you don´t have one, I provide an instrument.



Please contact Marc Miethe directly:
Tel.: +49 (0)163 / 629 52 55
Email: workshop@didgesbrew.de


[A] „BEGINNER & ALMOST BREATHER“ (alternating group and individual lessons)

  • embouchure for a brilliant, clear and powerful basic drone without not intended noise
  • diaphragm supported louder, but at the same time relaxed playing
  • singing, precise harmonics / overtones, basic Sounds and changes with your tongue, belly, voice, lips, throat, cheeks and jaw
  • basic Rhythms, pattern, foundation of rhythm notation, Circular Breathing technique
  • Tips about: history, instrument tuning, maintenance, building Didgeridoos by yourselves

Duration intensive: 2 days x 4 hrs
Duration @ Festivals: 1 day x 4 hrs
min: 5, max: 25 participants
requirements: good will, no lips or tongue amputation;-)

[B] „ADVANCED BASICS“ (alternating group and individual lessons)

  • clarify playing Styles with belly, diaphragm, voice, throat, cheeks, jaw, lips & tongue
  • retroflex tonguing. clarify circular breathing: tongue pressure, bounce breath, breath on screams
  • breathing economy with in and out breath. „roaring“ bass effects, orchestral voicing and well-defined fast Screams with your voice

Duration intensive: 1 day x 6 hrs
(@ Festivals: 1 day x 4 hrs)
min: 4, max: 12 participants
requirements: class [A] or one or two rhythms, some kind of Circular Breathing

[C] „SPECIAL KICKS for advanced“ (alternating group and individual lessons)

  • break beat techniques and extreme Cuts
  • different kind of separated and integrated overblows (Toots), breath on toot
  • very fast Rhythm components combining fluent vocal pattern
  • connective sounds
  • trombone didgeridoo / slide didgeridoo techniques and melody lines

Duration intensive: 1 day x 6 hrs
(@ Festivals: 1 day x 4 hrs)
min: 4, max: 12 participants
requirements: „Advanced [B]asics“ (or similar abilities)

[X] „BEATBOX & MORE for advanced“

  • Beat-Box (drums & other instrumenst with the mouth) for Didgeridoo player
  • Didgeridoo sounds without the didgeridoo
  • trombone didgeridoo / slide didgeridoo techniques and melody lines
  • playing with very long and special instruments and what they teach us

Duration intensive: 1 day x 6 hrs
(@ Festivals: 1 day x 4 hrs)
min: 4, max: 12 participants
requirements: „Advanced [B]asics“ (or similar abilities)

[D] „RHYTHM DYNAMICS“ (group workshop)

  • building a rhythm structure
  • create effective dynamic, sound and rhythm changes
  • On-Beat&Off-Beat playing
  • Fill-in vs. Thin-Out
  • compound and asymmetrical meters

Duration intensive: 1 day x 6 hrs
(@ Festivals: 1 day x 4 hrs)
min: 4, max: 12 participants
requirements: „Advanced [B]asics“ (or similar abilities)


(possible with local guest teachers on percussion, drums, bass, keys, guitar)

  • more Rhythm training & timing exercises
  • exercises for the didge, really loud playing
  • piece building, arrangement, big cycles
  • live communication with the band / playing with other instruments
  • how to function and survive as a Didgeridoo player in a band
  • basis for improvisation, free playing, Soloing, impulses to find your own Style
  • valuable tips about: live technique, stage situation, didgeridoo recording, booking
    concerts, finding gigs (Marc is the booking agent at Cross Culture Music)

Duration intensive: 2 days x 4 hrs
min: 4, max: 10 participants
requirements: „Advanced [B]asics“ (or similar abilities)


  • dealing with stage situations, stagefright
  • basic knowledge about live technique, sound check (Marc provides a small PA)
  • recording situation and studio technique
  • finding concerts (Marc is professional booking agent at Cross Culture Music)
  • concert procedure, t-rider, contractual process and negotiation

Duration intensive: 1 day x 4 hrs
min: 3, max: 5 participants
requirements: „Advanced [B]asics“ (or similar abilities)

[T] „HOW TO TEACH DIDGERIDOO“ (group classes)

  • reasoned teaching structure
  • group dynamics at workshop classes, events, Festivals and in schools / kindergarten
  • background knowledge about Rhythm training & timing exercises
  • theory about the physiological processes (Marc is a qualified body-psycho-therapist)
  • Didge and Snoring / apnea and other healing effects for the player
  • taking care of the students abilities, posture, expression, breath and playing routines
  • final verification as guest teacher at the beginners class

Duration intensive: 4 days x 4 hrs plus 2 days guest teacher in the beginner class [A]
min: 3, max: 5 participants
requirements: [B,C,D] „Advanced [B]asics“, Special Ki[C]ks, Rhythm [D]ynamics and Didge in a band / [E]ntertainment

[ONGOING DIDGERIDOO CLASSES] (for middle and very advanced)

classes [B] [C] [D] (6 hrs each) and [E] (2×4 h)
cheaper as booked individual and incl. 12 additional practice lessons à 60 Min. and guest teacher at class [E]

requirements: class [A] or one/two rhythms, Circular Breathing ok

didgeridoo school projekt with Marc Miethe Berlin

[S] „SCHOOL WORKSHOPS“ (more Information on request)

„Aboriginal Culture, Built a Didge, Play the Didgeridoo” for groups of children and teenagers“


… a combination of Concert & Workshop: This is real Infotainment!

(more Information on request)


  • Didge to Didge, Face to Face (all level)
  • Zeit und Ort individuell nach Vereinbarung
  • Abonnement discount (e.g. 4 hours paid in advance)


for a collective registration of minimum 2 persons

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