Azuleo · Flamenco, Jazz

Azuleo · Flamenco, Jazz

Music is emotion and passion – Azuleo artfully expresses this perennial truth in a wind of rhythm and melody gathered from the four corners of the globe. The group’s musical repertoire includes flamenco and jazz sounds, grounded in the rich terrain of Arabic and Spanish folklore. This international ensemble shines with virtuoso guitar playing, expressive vocals, cool saxophone sounds and spirited percussion beats.

Azuleo succinctly captures the romance and charm of cultural and musical tradition, tempered by contemporary tastes and cut with the innovation of their own personal flare and duende.


„Nueva Tharsis“ was released in 2008 by guitarist and composer Abel Sanchez, as an offering to his native Andalusia. After moving to Berlin, the group Azuleo arose out of many musical gatherings in the Berlin music scene. It was 2011 and Azuleo was born in the middle of the cosmopolitan city. The compositions on the first album „Contigo“ were born from collaborations with singer and flutist Elena Botica. Other components of Azuleo included French jazz saxophonist Joseph Carpentier, Romeo Natour, a percussionist and native of Palestine, and Berlin multiinstrumentalist and recording engineer Jonas Fehrenberg. These diverse influences, from flamenco roots to jazz, oriental, andalusian, balkan music and spanish folklore, create a sound which captivates audiences worldwide, making concerts by Azuleo profound and unique musical experiences.

After three successful european tours, performed at Festival Dragao do Mar in Brazil and recorded two albums, the second one “La Senda” released in 2015, percussion player Romeo was replaced by drummer and cajón player Antonio Piñera “Pumuki”. Their last work togheter “Nácar” (2016) is full of fresh songs and new ideas, going deeper into develop the Azuleo’s unique sound. The album was presented in Berlin in a memorable record release party full of guest musicians and dancers. Nowadays the band works also with syrian violin player Aeman Hlal and young berliner dancer Ñusta.

Abel Sánchez: guitar
Elena Botica: vocals, flutes
Jonas Fehrenberg: bass and cajón
Joseph Carpentier: saxophone
Antonio Piñera „Pumuki“: drums and percussion

Azuleo also works with guest artists like flamenco dancers.

Press cuts
”Some fusion music works, some doesn’t and some simply sounds so natural that it doesn’t sound like fusion at all; this is what Azuleo sounds like! The Spanish/French/German/Palestine flamenco group ”Azuleo” mix Middle Eastern flutes; Spanish flamenco guitar, percussion and vocals; along with jazz tempos; all of which is topped off with the dulcet, honey-sweet vocals of Elena Botica. The virtuous guitar rhythms of Abel Sánchez are a pleasure to the ears, the jazz element is added by Joseph Carpentier on saxophone and Jonas Fehrenberg on bass, while the deep rhythmic, almost tribal passions of flamenco are brought to life by Romeo Natour on the cajón. Furthermore, Natour and Botica adds Eastern musical sounds on the flute on some tracks along with Natour creating an array of percussion patterns of various inspirations.” (World Music Travel Blog, Jenny O´Connor)

”Azuleo´s Cd is a wonderful surprise. Its´collection of twelve selections certainly offers up a variety of sounds. Tight ensemble playing, creative arrangements, and memorable singing all come together in this expressive uniquely original CD with solid musicianship. Members are connected in the same improvisational pulse. Each track is tuneful and rhythmic with multi-layered grooves, splashes of Middle Eastern flavors and lilting soundscapes. Loaded with musical energy, their tunes meander their way across the enthusiastic musica terrain creating inspiring & infectious rhythms.” (Did somebody say flamenco? Blog, California)

Azuleo · Flamenco, Jazz

references (choice)
Nikodemus Kirche 2011, Berlin | Werkstatt der Kulturen 2011, Berlin
Dragao do Mundo Festival 2013, Fortaleza (Brazil)
Jam In Jette Festival 2013, Brussels (Belgium)
Círculo de Artes 2013, Toledo (Spain)
Teatro Torcal 2013, Antequera (Spain)
Karneval der Kulturen 2013, Berlin
Landbouwbelang 2013, Maastricht (Nederland)
B-Flat Jazzclub 2013, 2014, 2015 Berlin
Heilig-Kreuz Kirche 2013, Berlin
Harmonie Café 2013, Paris (France)
Gitannekesfoor Festival 2013, Herselt (Belgium)
Folklorum Festival 2013, Görlitz
Horns Erben Jazz Club 2013, Leipzig
La Traca 2013, Barcelona | La Llimera 2013, Valencia (Spain)
Berliner Hoffest im Roten Rathaus 2014, Berlin
Uldum Street Music Festival 2014, Uldum (Denmark)
Pflasterspektakel Festival 2014, Linz (Austria)
Smaragd Café 2014, Linz (Austria)
Neuchatel Buskers Festival 2014, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
Café Belga 2014, Brussels | Integrabel 2014, Brussels (Belgium)
Ferrara Buskers Festival 2015, Ferrara (Italy)
Le Cintra Jazz Club 2015, Fribourg (Switzerland)
Festival Rue Libre 2015, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
Pflasterzauber Festival 2015, Hildesheim
WABE 2015, Berlin | Artistania 2015, Berlin
Fusion Festival 2015, Lärz
Flamenco en Berlin Festival 2015, Berlin
Fiesta de la Embajada Española 2015, Frannz Club, Berlin
Noche Toledana 2016 en el Alcázar de Toledo, Toledo (Spain)
Ufa Fabrik 2016, Berlin
Zookünstler Festival 2016, Münster
Gauklerfestival Feldkirch 2016, Feldkirch (Austria)
Passodarte Festival 2016, Crato (Portugal)
Berliner Salsa Congress 2016 Tempodrom, Berlin
Record Release Party, Zanjabil 2016, Berlin
Canarias en Berlín Sommerfest 2016, Berlin
Internationales Straßenmusikfestival 2017, Ludwigsburg
Open Air Stage Jardín Botánico 2017, Berlín
Tag der Niedersachsen 2017, Wolfsburg

Abel Sanchez – Nueva Tharsis (2009)
Azuleo – Contigo (2013)
Azuleo – La Senda (2014)
Azuleo – Nácar (2016)

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